The Sunday Post XXV7

The new Cat

This is Kitten

For those of you that missed it in the Flickr (handy link on the far right), this is Kitten. Sure, not the most inventive name, but it seems to be sticking.

About a month ago this little critter started coming around. She was cute and all that, you know, ’cause she is a kitten. But she would then go as quick as she came. Next thing you know, she stopped leaving. I waited for about a week and asked around, but she didn’t belong to anyone, so I was going to take her to the shelter.

But then I got busy. And she got cuter. So we decided to let her stay.

She is no longer living the tragic life of a transient kitty. Now, living it up by lounging on the chairs, chasing the other cat and getting slapped silly by her, and playing with the assorted toys she now has. Sometimes she disappears, and it’s then I’m sure she is planning our destruction like all cats do.

Again, for those of you that missed it in the flickr, here are the cats, just chillin’.

The cats

That’s Becky the no-claw-wonder-cat on the bottom, and Kitten up above.

Don’t get to used to these kinds of post. It’s not an el-jay for craps sake. I just thought y’all might be intested.

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