The Sunday Post XVIV

Been a full week since I have posted.

I was a little off this week. I started to notice a certain technical bent in my posts of late, and I’ve been trying to find something else to post about, just to break things up.

Sure, I could have posted a rant too, but why be so negative? I was looking for funny. No dice. And trust me, it was not for my lack of trying.

You would think I would have something good to post right? I mean, it rained. In SoCal. I know I know, that’s just crazy talk you say. But for reals, it rained. I’m sure the news channels were on full on storm watch too, but I haven’t turned to TV on all weekend, so I wouldn’t know. Also decided to not do too much driving to avoid the idiots that totally freak out because a little bit of water gets on the ground.

I have a very busy month coming up. Car Wash Convention in 2 weeks (yes, I’m taking my camera this time) followed by a trip out to Mom and Dad’s for some way overdue maintenance. Then, back to Vegas again for SEMA. Yes, Paul (and you too Josh ), with my camera. Yes, there will be booth babe shots. Don’t worry, I’ll totally hook you guys up. Heck, I’ll even look for a bit of beefcake for the ladies.

Throw in some Street Tuner Challenge stuff, maybe a magazine shoot and a live show at WRR on October 4th (tip: get you a free account at TalkShoe) and finally the Portable Media Expo next week.

So, yea, I’ll be pretty busy. But don’t worry, know that I have internet with my not-an-iPhone phone, I’ll be able to post goodness from just about all of these events, including photos. So keep an eye out!

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