The Sunday Post XVIII

…or things that don’t really bother me

  • I don’t have an iPhone
  • Looking like I will be the last on the block.  Now that all of you have one, I think that’s good enough.  I’ll be the ‘cool’ kid that has something different.  Suckers!

  • The 2M peeps in California that are defaulting on the home loans
  • You know, if your household income is less than $100K a year, you can’t afford a $450K home.  Also, you are an idiot for not seeing that 1.4% teaser rate would go up to over 6% in 12 months.  Suckers!

  • The banks that are eating about 2M home loans
  • You know, if you weren’t so desparate to hand money out to people that make less than $100K a year to buy a half million dollar house, you wouldn’t have to lay off so many people.  I thought that’s what credit checks are for?  Suckers!

  • NBC not on iTunes
  • I think I’ve already commented about this.  The only show there worth watching (to me) is Heros, and I can get that via bit torrent.  Suckers!

So, it’s been an interesting weekend here at el casa.  The Verizon FIOS people, for some reason, can’t take my money, so I’m without  internets, kinda.  I got a call from one of the lads teachers on Friday.  You can imagine why.  Bonus I got in a huge fight with my crazy sister yesterday.  But, at least I went to the gym this morning, made fun of the idiots with cell phones (in my mind) and yelled at people getting on the freeway at 45MPH.  Oh yea, so you know, that was me honking at you because you were doing 30 in a 45.  Sucker!

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  1. You’re not the last one on the block – I don’t have an iPhone either! I do however have an iPod Touch!!!!

    Oh, wait I don’t live on your block – well then maybe you are the last one on YOUR block to be iPhoneless…

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