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The Sunday Post XLIII

Sure, I can sell stuff. I’m mean, as long as I don’t have to cold call.

Where is my commission

There are things that I do have some knowledge about. Computers, MINI Coopers, kitchen gear and other miscellaneous electronics. You could say that my opinion on these items is even, to a certain extent, trusted.

Some of you have this ability too. In fact, I would bet most of the w(t)f readers have, at one point, ‘sold’ something. A computer, a car, a camera or other device like that.

But sometimes it feels like I do it. Alot. For example, anyone want to take a guess at how many MINIs I’ve sold? Over the last 5 years, probably close to 20. Countless cameras. A Dell laptop or two. And now, my first verified Mac.

So, who do I talk to about my commission?

While I know there isn’t a commission system, there really should be. Like, when I buy a device, I should be given some kind of code that I can share with others if they buy that device from the same company, and then I should get some kind of kickback. Maybe a discount on a future purchase? Maybe cash? I really don’t know, just something.

it’s not like I’m going to stop ‘selling’, because if someone asks, I’m going to give them an answer. It’s what I do. But a little something for the effort would be nice.

Maybe I’ll just rev up the Amazon affliate code again.

2 replies on “The Sunday Post XLIII”

Dude, that makes sense. Kind of a “Who referred you to us” kind of thing like they do at Vonage (if you refer someone and they sign up you get like 2 months free or something).

yes, exactly! Everyone should do that. Apple could give out free .mac accounts, or MINI could give out free swag or something.

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