The Sunday Post XLIII

Sure, I can sell stuff. I’m mean, as long as I don’t have to cold call.

Where is my commission

There are things that I do have some knowledge about. Computers, MINI Coopers, kitchen gear and other miscellaneous electronics. You could say that my opinion on these items is even, to a certain extent, trusted.

Some of you have this ability too. In fact, I would bet most of the w(t)f readers have, at one point, ‘sold’ something. A computer, a car, a camera or other device like that.

But sometimes it feels like I do it. Alot. For example, anyone want to take a guess at how many MINIs I’ve sold? Over the last 5 years, probably close to 20. Countless cameras. A Dell laptop or two. And now, my first verified Mac.

So, who do I talk to about my commission?

While I know there isn’t a commission system, there really should be. Like, when I buy a device, I should be given some kind of code that I can share with others if they buy that device from the same company, and then I should get some kind of kickback. Maybe a discount on a future purchase? Maybe cash? I really don’t know, just something.

it’s not like I’m going to stop ‘selling’, because if someone asks, I’m going to give them an answer. It’s what I do. But a little something for the effort would be nice.

Maybe I’ll just rev up the Amazon affliate code again.

By Don

Lead bottle washer at, host at and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.


  1. Dude, that makes sense. Kind of a “Who referred you to us” kind of thing like they do at Vonage (if you refer someone and they sign up you get like 2 months free or something).

  2. yes, exactly! Everyone should do that. Apple could give out free .mac accounts, or MINI could give out free swag or something.

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