The Sunday Post XIV

Look at me go with the Roman Numerals. I certainly hope just checked and google can translate when I get to a number I don’t know. Anyway, we shall subtitle this the ‘Geek Edition’.

As I have talked about before, one of the reasons for switching to the Mac is OSX’s unix-y goodness underneath all the pretty icons. I wanted to be able to take advantage of that by setting up an offline development environment, primarily for Wordpress.

I’ve done this in Ubuntu previously and it was easy. Actually, in Ubuntu it works pretty well as an Intranet server as well. But more on that another time.

As I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to install Apache, PHP and mySQL on the Mac, I knew there had to be an easier way. As usual, jSchwa to the rescue with a link to MAMP. AMP is short for Apache/mySQL/PHP, adding a letter in front of it usually designates the server type. M for Mac, L for Linux and W for Windows. While I’m sure there is one for Windows, I would probably want a dedicated box for it since I would imagine IIS and Apache probably don’t play nice together.

So I downloaded MAMP about 2 months ago but never got around to using it. There really isn’t any setup other than installing it into your applications directory and starting the services. But I still needed to install Wordpress. This is a very easy process everytime I have done it before, but I didn’t want to screw things up, so Google to the rescue!

I found this post from ’05 that confirmed what I thought. Setup a database in myPHP, change wp-config and run the WP installer. That process took about 10 minutes, maybe.

And now, I have a full version of Wordpress running on my laptop, ready to take all the plug-ins and themes I use so I can tweak them offline without having to worry about having an internet connection, setting them up online (which I have done in the past, what a pain) or making changes to a live site.

I know, it really doesn’t take much for me.

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  1. Ok, now that is cool. I think I need to try that on my Mac. In theory that’s one of the reasons I launched Aimless – so that I had a breakable sandbox to play in… Even better if I had something offline to screw up instead…

  2. @cj: I heard about that but never got around to trying it. I’ve read and heard good things. would be handy to stick on one of the many usb drives I seem to be collecting, for just in case. Have you used it?

  3. hey db, you may want to hold off on wordpress 2.3…due to some architecture changes, categories are throwing weird database table issues.

    I upgraded yesterday and everytime I try to post something I get about 4 errors (oddly enough- it still posts). Some google searches suggest it has something to do with the any rate, I’ll probably be trying to figure out how to revert back to 2.2 (luckily I have a backup).

  4. um, been on 2.3 since day after it’s release here and the day after on all of my other sites (including fireballed). Haven’t had a lick of problems yet. In fact, I’m quite diggin’ it. Heck, even MF is running 2.3.

    I’d definitely check your plugins vs. the list for 2.3 for compatibility. There is a list on the codex.

  5. sob! i deactivated all my plugins and was still getting an error….but eventually found the problem- the theme! So, currently running the default (blech) but will be finding/tweaking a theme that’s 2.3 compatible.

    glad your theme (and mf) is running smooth.

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