The Sunday Post IX

Before I begin, I would like to start out with a friendly reminder for you, the faithful w(t)f reader. Today is my birthday. No, I’m not 40 as some would think. If I play my cards right, I should never have to turn 40. It worked for Mom! So, a nice comment below or iTunes certs would be nice. You could wish Ms. Smash a happy as well. Yes, we share birthdays. Isn’t that special?

But wait, there’s more!

We aren’t the only freaks ones born today. There were some famous people too. Hopefully, knowing that they are also members of the freak-a-zoid sign of gemini (not that I follow these things) might help you to understand them a little better.

There’s Joey Zimmerman. I don’t know who that is, but they are on the famous list.

Tara Lipinski. I wish I could skate like that.

Elizabeth Hurley. Yowza! I knew there was a little something strange about her.

Judy Garland. I’ll leave you to come up with something clever here.

Shane West. Again, I have no idea and I’m feeling too lazy to lookup on IMDB.

A first for me this year, kinda, is not really having any plans. As you read this, I’m ass deep in laundry and trip prep for next week. I’ll probably spend the night with a bottle of wine or 2 and I’m sure sis will bake a cake, much to the delight of my crew. None for me thanks as I’m still desparately trying to make my scale read 24x before I leave. It is going to be very close.

So ends the birthday pimping for aught seven. You know what to do.

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  1. I merely meant you seemed so mature for 39 that you MUST be you know, OLDER. 😉

    Not buying it huh?

    Well, let’s leave it at this — Happy Birthday, Dude.

    I could have the Boy call you and sing you Happy Birthday — and he’ll tell you all the things you need, birthday cake, birthday candles, birthday hat, birthday presents, birthday ice cream…

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