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I don’t like paper. So much so that when I opened my current account at Bank of America, I didn’t even bother to order checks. I just opened a new account at Chase and got a little confirmation on my decision to keep my money digital.

The problem with paper

Back in 1995 I started my transition from analog to digital when I purchased my first DVD player. All of my music was already on the go for the move too. A few years passed and my hatred for printers continued to grow until I got to the point where I didn’t print at all and **never** wrote a check. Cash or plastic. And this has served me well for the past 7-8 years.

Then, at a local branch of Chase this week to open a new account and it turns out that my guy completely agreed with me. However, his agreement didn’t come because he also bore hatred toward paper and all paper generating devices like myself. He agreed because of security.

Duh. Why didn’t I get that?

Take a look at your check. It has your name. It also has your address, maybe a phone number. If you are older than I am, maybe your driver’s license number. Look lower. Account number **and** routing number are right there at the bottom of the check as well. That means that, really, anyone could get ahold of one of those, fill it out and take it to the nearest check cashing store or bank and trade it for cash. Then, they will drive to your house and steal your Macs and HD televisions and iPods.

Not good.

Versus the debt card that you probably also carry. Associated with that are 16 digits + 4 digits + your 4-8 digit pin. That’s practically 256bit encryption right there friends. Not only that, but you can easily track transactions quicker than you can with checks. And, the only bit of personal information on it is your name.

I’m going to continue my paper-free existence. Saving trees and increased security is how I roll. Paper is so 20th Century, maybe you should think about it too.

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