The Sunday Post #98

As I slowly sneak up to the 100th Sunday Post, It’s time for me to lay out my plan for world domination. Or, at the very least, my plan to get back in the groove.

World Domination

Happy First Day of Work Cake!

You all know that I have opposable thumbs. You all also know that being equipped in such a way is also 50% of the solution when working towards world domination. I am here today to empirically deny the fact that I am trying to take over the world, which isn’t _entirely_ true. I **am** going to take over the world. Just my little chunk of it.

Back in 2008 things changed. For the first time pretty much ever I became unemployed. And I stayed _mostly_ umemployed for the next almost 3 years. For all but the last 18 months, I was able to continue to write, do stupid video blogs and amuse everyone on Twitter. Self promotion aside, I think I really started getting pretty good at it.

Then things changed. I ended up living with my folks and getting work fixing computers. It was a mediocre gig at best and combined with my living situation I lost track and focus. I stopped writing for the most part. Stopped the silly videos. My toots got snarky. And I wasn’t motivated.

Time to change all of that. My new job will require that I use all of those skills I honed over the past almost 10 years and have let a nice layer of rust form over them. I will have to write, shoot and tweet on a regular basis. And do it in such a way that it is entertaining, have promotional value and drive traffic.

Just like I’ve always done.

To that end I have made some **very** positive changes that will allow me to get back on track. A new job in a new state with a brand new living arrangement that is all, so far, suiting me just fine thankyouverymuch.

Watch for regular stuff coming out of me again. More words here and at Wind(the)frog(dot)net (which is where my more _personal_ posts will go). Video blogs more often than once a quarter. More photos as I explore my new surroundings. Hell, even more MINI stuff as I break in a new dealer and try to get involved with the local enthusiast scene.

So, stay subscribed. I think you are all in for a real treat!

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