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This is one I don’t think we’ve talked about before. It would seem that now is a good time for your pal Don to let all y’all in on a few of my better secrets.

How to make the Bartender your best friend

In our example above, Josh served this guy about $500 worth of cocktails, and he only left about $8.50 in tips. I’m going to leave the maths up to you.

But, really? Shots? 4 bit tip? Having a great night, trying to impress the ladies and this is how you treat the man making it happen? I guarantee you will never drink with me my friend.

Drinking in a bar is a unique experience. Your contact time with the person taking care of you is much shorter usually, and that persons time is split between all of the patrons at his bar, as well as any servers that he is making drinks for. He might or might not care about you or that sub-par hottie you are trying to get back to your place that was furnished from the cable company’s equipment yard. Want to change that? Want to make sure your drinks are made quickly and correctly? Read on friends, I can help.

  • Ditch the tipping rules when you are drinking. 20%? I dare you to do the math after 3 drinks.
  • Star off as a big tipper. Trust me. If you buy $21 worth of drinks, put down $30 (or more) and leave the change on the bar.
  • On future rounds, come up with a happy medium. You have the barkeeps attention, keep it! A buck a drink is too cheap. Try $2 per.
  • Learn the bartenders name. Tell your friends that he is the greatest man ever to walk the face of the earth and that should only buy their drinks from him.
  • On the last round, leave a tip that is equal to double your normal tip.
  • If you are running a tab and paying by credit card at the end of the night, 20% might be cheap, especially if your bartender kept the drinks flowing fast and fresh. 20% + $20 or $30 is better.

Change the him to a her, and this is exactly what I did at the last AMVIV. Did I ever wait for a drink? No. Did the bartender ever forget what I was drinking? She did not. Did she deliver drinks to me and the boys, on stage when requested? She did.

I’ve always been a generous tipper, especially when I drink. I worked in restaurants for too long not too. It’s the main reason why I don’t drink out very often. If I can’t afford to drink in a bar and leave a good tip, then I can’t afford to drink in a bar.

Perhaps you should adopt the same rules.

By Don

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