The Sunday Post #92

If I’m honest, I should have saved the last post for Sunday and posted some other gibberish when I got back from Denver. But alas, I did not. So, instead, I present you, the fine reader the following.

The Long Weekend

Coming down off of a fantastic week! I got to meet some great people, see some cool things and hang out with good friends. No way to complain about anything when things go as good as they did this past week.

A fantastic week followed by a long weekend. For most of you this would be an outstanding combination. For most of you, the long weekend means one less day in the office, 1 less daily commute, 1 less day dealing with a dickhead boss or idiot co-workers.

For me, it’s 1 less day I get to try to make money.

I’ve never been a fan of the ‘extra’ day off if I’m honest, but I’m not cut for any normal piece of cloth. I cut my teeth in the restaurant industry where we looked forward to long weekends for big numbers and lower labor. And everyone worked. Prior to that, it was the family business. Long weekend meant more ice, beer and gasoline sales, so everyone worked.

So, I always work.

But when everyone else is still in a hangover or acting like a Sunday, then I have a hard time getting stuff done that requires input from others, or interactions with others that might, potentially, give me work.

Like every other long weekend, I’m going to take the day to work on my stuff, which I seldom do. I’m going to go through all of the sites and clean things up. Go through iMovie and clean things up. Work on WRR stuff (might be big stuff toward the end of the year. Shhhh.) and prepare for the rest of the week so when Tuesday rolls around, I can hit the ground running.

Most of the work that I will be doing will be happening here and at White Roof Radio. That site is a bit of a mess and I want to make a few more changes ’round these parts to change the focus just a little bit more. Oh, and I’m probably going to redo my resume.

Of course, if there is something that you need on Monday, hit me up. I’ll be around and ready!

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