The Sunday Post #89

A list post. For things that…

I’m tired of hearing and/or talking about

A bit of a personal rant to close out this week or start the next, depending on how you see it.

  1. Replace the missing trim piece on my MINI
  2. My MINI has almost 230K miles on it. For me to replace that one piece, I would have to either find a piece that was at least 5 years old or replace them all. Also, see number 4 below. Suck it.

  3. Telling me to get an iPhone
  4. Another reason for this post is so I can just point people here next time they tell me this. I need a phone to make phone calls first, handle messaging second and the rest of the stuff doesn’t even get numbered. I need my calls to be clear and start when I dial and not end until either myself or the person I’m talking to hangs up. To me, perception is everything and there is nothing, to me, that is less professional than talking to someone on an iPhone, Sprint or TMobile phone in my area. Every 3 word is heard through a sea of static and 45% of the time the call drops altogether. Suck it.

  5. Problems with the Blackberry
  6. I’m getting especially annoyed with the Blackberry. Today, the Blackberry desktop caused a kernel panic on my Mac during an update. It also failed to backup my phone, again. I get that I have the wrong computer for the phone I use. I do. That being the case, if RIM is going to attempt to offer support for the Mac, I think they should invest a little more effort into it by at least making sure it works. Good thing for Google Sync. Suck it.

  7. People that tell me I must attend an event
  8. Look. I’m still barely employed and have the checking and savings account balances to prove it. Get off my back about it already, k? If you do see me at a major event, it is because I was paid to be there or a good chunk of my expenses are taken care of in other ways. If you think I need to be someplace so badly, then you pony up for my expense to get where ever you think it is I need to be. Ok pumpkin? Suck it.

  9. The iPad
  10. Unlike the iPhone, the iPad actually interests me. That said, nothing interests me so much that I want to read or hear about it all the time. Seriously. Also, see number 4 above. Suck it.

  11. Damn near anything political
  12. I don’t care if you are pro-Obama or anti-Obama, think communism would be cool, watch Fox News or CNN. I do have an opinion either way, but you don’t see me stuck in front of the television yelling at the news reader or posting continuously to my Facebook profile, do you? Suck it.

I’m sure that all y’all are also tired of hearing me complain about the Blackberry or the iPad or any number of things. Yea, I’m trying to get better. But, until I do.

Suck it.

By Don

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  1. Just wondering – I know you had issues with the Droid’s keyboard, but was that the show stopper or was there something else?

    I know the Facebook integration sucks on the Droid (I tried to warn you) but that’s not the big issue is it?

    Just wondering if either another Android phone would work like the Eris or the Devour? Also what about the Palm Pre?

  2. Battery life and dropped calls. Reasons #2 and #1. If it weren’t for the dropped calls, I would have kept it. I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to that.

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