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Woke up in the mood to write this morning. Luckily, I have something to actually write about.

Why I don’t have an iPhone

Blackberry Tour
Regular readers of this particular blog should already be aware of the pain that was the Blackberry Storm. For me, it was a device that was nothing but trouble. It was slow, the screen wouldn’t completely redraw and it would become unresponsive at least once a day. As it was, I was doing a pseudo battery pull at 2:00am every night* as well as another full battery pull during the coarse of the day. Everyday. Most Blackberries require a battery pull _on occassion_, but not everyday.

After finally having enough of Storm 4 for the past two week, I finally decided to head into my local Verizon Wireless Store to find out what they could do for me. My plan was to ask them to not give me another Storm, but instead let me upgrade 3 months early to the device you see pictured above, the Blackberry Tour.

Phone in hand, I explain my problems to the CS rep at the counter and let her know I didn’t want another Storm, but wanted to purchase a Tour at the upgrade price. She checked my account on the computer and excused herself to talk to her manager.

Now would be a good time to let you know that I have been a VZW customer since about ’02 and am what they call a VIP customer. That means I get upgrade discounts annually instead of every 2 years, plus a few other perks.

My girl comes back, says no problem for me to get the Tour and starts transferring my data from the Storm. I watch as she sets everything up, re-sends my service books and transfers my contacts to the Tour. Since it’s the same as the Storm connector-wise, no need for more accessories since I already had them. She hands me the box and the device and then says have a good day.

I ask if it’s going to show up on my bill or if I needed to sign anything. The answer to both questions was no because Verizon Wireless decided to give me a straight swap, no charge! After reviewing my account, seeing how much problem I had with the Storms (including calls to 611 which I would almost bet are logged on my account page), they knew I was done.

No questions asked. No fuss, no muss, no charge. And now I’m a proud owner of a proper Blackberry device, complete with keyboard. Full review to follow shortly.

The point here is that Verizon Wireless knows how to take care of it’s customers. Sure, there are some out there that would whole-heartedly disagree, but my experience with them has been nothing short of exemplary, every time, all time. It doesn’t matter if I go to a retail store or call 611, I always get great service.

That is why I won’t get an iPhone. Why trade the time and service I have with VZW for a great phone but lesser service (both phone and customer service from what I have heard and read)? Maybe one day VZW will get the iPhone, but until that happens, I’m good with the Blackberry.

*BB users, check out QuickPull lite in the BB App store.

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