The Sunday Post #74

It’s been hot. I wasn’t feeling very good a few days this week. And, it’s been hot, but we already covered that.

The Sunday List Post

  • Added some new header images. Click through to check ’em out!
  • Firefox 3.5 broke Google Gears. Google fixed Gears. Firefox released 3.5.1 and broke Gears again. Anyone?
  • Speaking of FF3.5, I’m finding it to be awesome again. Especially after how bad 3.0 was on the Mac (and Windows)
  • Yes, I will be selling my MINI. No, I’m probably not going to tell you why. Let’s just say that I no longer make enough money to afford to be a MINI owner, k?
  • The Storm is bugging me again. Sometime this week I’m going to stop into my local VZW store and check out the Tour.
  • The Garmin Nuvi 255w is pretty awesome for the most part, but I have a few issues. Full review to follow
  • You can’t tweet Amazon Associate links. Just an FYI
  • I need to start carrying cameras with me again. I don’t think I’ve turned on the Canon or Panasonic for over a month.
  • Hard drives that short out towers will smoke when connected to an external adapter. FYI.
  • Mom desktop Extreme (for those of you that missed it earlier this week):

  • Did I mention it’s been hot?

At least I’ve been fairly busy for the most part. I could use being busier (read **making more money**) but am not complaining because at least I have work. Of course, I could always use more work, so if you hear of anything, be sure to let me know.

Oh yea, WRR fans might want to be around this coming Thursday at around 7:00p PST for Woofcast 300. Rumor is the boys will be doing it live.

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