The Sunday Post #72

I keep getting ideas for a post, but then I decided against them for whatever reason. So you get this today instead.

The Sunday List Post, 2nd Edition

  • My new favorite thing is Tweetie for Mac. Supports multiple twitter accounts, is sleek, lightweight and works very well.
  • In case you missed it, is back, pulling duty as a tumblr.
  • I’m back on Vimeo. With Facebook support and about the best HD video experience, I had to. Might even go Pro fairly soon too.
  • I wasn’t lying. The EeePC is for sale if anyone wants a deal. It’s a great machine, just not great for me. Too bad I realized it a week after I could return it. Contact me for more info.
  • I have three WordPress projects on the go right now. 2 are done, 1 is close. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing them soon enough. One of them is a very nice blog theme that I’m going to make available for download.
  • I almost have v2.5 of this sites theme ready to go. So far, it’s coming along nicely and I think you will really like it.
  • The Blackberry is finally behaving and I can’t help getting excited about the possibility of an ATP on Verizon in the somewhat-near furture.
  • I took the Canon down to the beach last week and got some pretty good footage. Plus I’ll be working on a new project for my Grandfather that is video related this coming week. Should be cool
  • .

That’s it really. At least that’s it for now. Follow along at Twitter or the Tumblr for stuff I’m finding interesting on a daily basis.

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