The Sunday Post #70

Recent events have me seriously scratching my head.

How soon they forget

As I’ve mentioned here in the past, I used to be a restaurant manager. Did that job for close to 15 years, plus another 6 years working in restaurants as a Point-of-Sale system Project Manager. There are many skills needed for working in restaurants as a manager as one might guess. You need to be able to understand numbers, have good people skills and good leadership skills. There is one other that I developed that served me better than the rest.

Good observation skills.

I used to be able to walk around during my shift and tell everyone’s mood just by looking at them. The expression on their face. Their body language. The tone of their voice. I could tell if a guest was having a good time or one of my employees was totally stressed out and getting in the weeds.

This particular skill is great because it works outside of restaurants. I’m usually the first guy to notice a hair cut, weight loss, something different. I’m also the guy that _knows_ when something is bothering you. People are very easy to read and I’m almost always right.

The sneer. The frown. The subtle eye roll when you think I’m not looking. That awkward silence. All are tell-tale signs that something is bothering you.

And, when it’s directed at me, I really don’t appreciate it.

Especially when there isn’t a damned thing I can do to make things better.

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