The Sunday Post 68

Surveys. Such a pain sometimes, but sometimes they do what you hope they would do; get someones attention.

On Customer Service

More and more I’m surprised by the level of service, or at least _perceived_ service, that I have been getting. For example, last month I posted to Twitter a problem I was having with Acorn. That night I received an email from Gus and he got me sorted out right away. That is an awesome use of Twitter!

Recently I made a purchase at MacMall for the 4gb memory upgrade for the iMac. I know, I know. But they are local and I was hopeful that I wouldn’t have to wait too long for the memory to arrive and I was trying to save a few bucks on shipping. Ordering was simple and the memory was a good price, so I was happy.

Until the next day.

Apparently, when you order anything from MacMall, you are automatically put into their SpamBot 5000 email list. I say this because over the course of 9 days I received 9 emails from them. That’s correct, an average of an email per day, some of those were doubled up.

Besides that, they sent me 2 kits. Not 2 chips, 2 4GB memory kits. Idiots.

Then I got a survey. Sweet! In which I proceeded to skewer them on the email issue.

About a week later my phone rings and it’s a CS rep from MacMall calling about the survey. He double checked to make sure my name was removed from the email list and will be following up on the extra RAM. I was impressed.

I doubt I will get a call back from Apple after taking the “you bought a new mac” survey, but it’s worth a shot. I went a little easier on them, but still left a comment about the overall price, lack of USB ports and/or a memory card reader on these machines.

I’m not saying I will order from MacMall again by any means. However, after what has happened, I won’t give them a bad review if someone asks. And that’s all it took. Just a little paying attention by someone and a little follow-up. Sometimes it does pay to complain.

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