The Sunday Post #65

So many things going on over here, but none of them terribly post worthy. So instead I have decided to punt.

The Sunday List Post

  • New favorite app. this week; Trashit for when you just can’t get the trash emptied, no matter what. Yes, I tried that. Tried that too. This worked. And free.
  • Another cool one Hazel. Nifty app that lets you set up rules for folders and it does stuff. Check it out.
  • Merlin copying the w(t)f video hour, and doing a much better job.
  • Even still, the WordPress HTML editor still can’t post embeded video. You would think that would be fixed by now.
  • I’m excited about iLife ’09.
  • Last week I upgraded the Storm to OS version .85. I think I’m going to take it back to .75 when I get a chance.
  • I seriously need to reinstall OS X on my laptop.
  • I hate the show The Gilmor Girls with the heat of 101000 suns
  • It’s amazing how much of a time suck having a job is. Where is my money tree?
  • The house I wanted to move into has been rented. I was not happy about that
  • Diggin’ the new job. Diggin’ the fact that I don’t have to spend 4 hours in my car every day getting there and getting home too.
  • I wish I had build-real-stuff-skills. Dad’s shed is turning out very nice and I can only sit back and watch it go up.
  • Taking a photo of myself every day is fun.
  • Need to rework my gym schedule. Get up at 5:30a or get home at 9p? Tough call, I know.
  • Scales disappoint me, especially when they are telling me I weigh at least 10 pounds more than I want to.
  • I would never pay $6k for a laptop. Even if I had a money tree. Even if I had 2.

Especially the Gilmor Girls one. Oh my god people! How can you watch that crap?

By Don

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  1. Dude, as far as Gilmore Girls goes, all I have to say is… Lauren Graham!!

    Have you seen Bad Santa? ‘Nuff said IMO, lol.
    (If you haven’t seen it, it suffers from “Bad Movie” and “Hot Actress” simultaneously)

    As far as the “build-real-stuff” skills go, no worries dude, I’d like to think that I have some skills in that department (MacGyver IS after all, my hero) but where did I end up working? You got it, “IT” 😉

  2. >Lauren Graham!!

    Then put her on the screen and shut her up. So much drama and anger in this show I swear.

    >(If you haven’t seen it, it suffers from “Bad Movie” and “Hot Actress” simultaneously)

    I must confess I am now intrigued. Sounds like a good one for hulu to add. 😉

  3. <“Then put her on the screen and shut her up.”

    Dude, the Mute button is a beautiful thing 😉
    Although I do understand. I told the Frau once that, when watching Gilmore Girls, if you didn’t have a vagina going in, you’d have one by the time that hour was over.

    As for Bad Santa… three words you never thought you’d hear, “F*ck me, Santa.”

  4. What the hell is “Gilmore Girls?” I’m missing out apparently.

    As for building stuff all I can do is use a drill…I can hang just about anything on a wall- does that count?

  5. The hotness of Lauren Graham not withstanding The Gilmore Girls was a good show. Sure it was a chick show but the writing was snappy and it had so many pop culture references that you would play a game of working out how many of them you actually got.

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