The Sunday Post 62

It’s almost the New Year so I think now would be a good time to check in.

The Technology Challenge

You remember this from late ’07, right?

>And, while you are making your new years resolutions this year, pick someone close to you and introduce them to something new to use the internet for. If they got a digital camera for Christmas, help them with a flickr account. Show them how RSS works and help them set up a Google account. Introduce them to Podcasting. Show them the wonders of Craiglist. Anything. Just pick one and try to make it happen. It’s time these people find out that the web is more than email and banking!

How’d you do?

Wait! Before you tell me how well you did, let’s see if you can beat me.

  • Mom got a new digital camera (like mine) and flickr account. Ok, so there are only 2 photos, but it’s there and I will be getting her to use it more this coming year.
  • Mom is an MMS sending fool. Sounds and photos from her camera to anyone in her contacts list on her phone. Oh, and she is even emailing them to herself on her phone.
  • Grandad is now rockin’ a hot new computer with Office ’07 and Vista. Sure this counts. Have you seen the changes from XP to Vista? From Office 2K to ’07? From Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail? I totally get credit for this.
  • I got Jeannie to turn her new laptop on!
  • I got someone to switch from Windows to Mac. Verified.
  • Fireball Tim started a blog.

So, I think I did pretty good.

I believe that 2009 is going to be the year for RSS for my users. I thought it might be the year of Twitter, but I think I’m going to continue to keep that to myself. Besides, Mom gets really frustrated when trying to send a text message.

Ok, your turn. Belly up. How did you get your users to use technology? Or did you fail? It’s ok, you can tell us, we are all friends here. Besides, someone might have a suggestion to get you started!

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  1. Well, I failed for 2008 but with the new baby, I’ll be forcing, err… I mean “encouraging” my family to utilize Flickr in 2009. I’ll also be introducing them (and me) to the webcam.

    1. @Drill. No worries mate, you are excused, but I do expect to see that flickr account covered in baby photos 😉

      @cj and Timmee…nicely done fellas! I am truly impressed 🙂

  2. I gave someone my old Powerbook and they love it.

    I converted someone back to XP from Vista and they love it.

    I caused a lot of people to join and use Facebook – not sure if that is boastworthy…

    I implemented Small Business Server at a law firm and I love it. Especially the bit where the proprietor’s iPhone integrates seamlessly with Exchange, and he VPN’s in from his home office.

  3. I switched my in-laws over to a Mac and they seem to be enjoying it. Also purchased them a GPS and convinced my sister-in-law to buy one.

    I tried to get a few family members to try twitter and that was a big fail. I think their words were “too geeky” and “why would I want to use this over facebook?”

    We got my grandparents to sign up for broadband internet. I receive forwarded emails and e-cards like a SOB now.

    I think we could have a separate thread for “name technology you (reader) tried/failed at this year” <- I had quite a few of those.

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