The Sunday Post 60

With the new phone comes lots of reading. Reading of blog posts and, ugh, forum posts.

I hate comments & forums

Honest to robot-monkey-ninja you guys! All a fella wants to do is get the down-low on his new piece of gear, but you make me wade through so much crap and garbage first. Doesn’t anyone know how to hold a **productive** conversation online?

Before we get too deep into this, it’s not you guys here. I love your comments and almost every one of them makes me lol or think. I’ve even had beverage come out my nose once. It’s everywhere else.

I’ve been lurking over at the Crackberry forums lately getting great info and tips for my phone. And I hate it. I have also been paying attention to comments at posts over at BGR and Tech Crunch. I hate that too. I hate it worse than our friend Josh hates comments at Digg.

It’s at this point that I’m sure you are sitting there and, quite possibly, asking out loud to your screen “Then why read comments and forums if you hate them db?”. That’s the rub. You see a post on a tech blog and want more info or possible a link that points to a download. Those are always in the comments. All. Ways.*

Or in forums. I have a special level of hate for them that I reserved for them and them alone. I have special filters built in from years on the MINI boards that help me avoid the 12-year olds and dumb mouth breathers that are rockin’ Netscape 7 on their Win98 box.

But it’s them. The mouth breathers and rude idiots. They are the ones that have the information I need. They are the ones that are rushing around, fingers flailing across their keyboards as fast as they can with 4 fingers (2 for each hand) trying to be the ‘guy’ that can do whatever everyone is freaking out about first. For this I am thankful.

But some manners would kill you? Or some capitalization? Perhaps an English class or two might help. And a serious beatin’ from your momma. Honestly.

At least the boards are usually free of spam. I just wish the communities would be a little bit nicer is all.

*I know. I made up a word. You grammar nazis just keep your shorts on. No need to get all twisted about it.

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