The Sunday Post 57

At this time last week I was looking at what I thought was going to be a very busy week. By Wednesday it turned out that I wasn’t as busy as I hoped I would have been (more on that later). This also means that I had some time to myself to get some things done. v2.0

Not to toot my own too much, but I am exceptionally pleased with the way this has turned out. I pulled out all of my WP tricks and some handy plugins to make it all happen.

The database move also went much smoother than I anticipated. You’ll find if you were a regular commenter at wtf, you should also be here as well. Also, if you subscribed to any comments, those subscriptions are still active.

Another neat trick I was able to do that you might have already noticed was selectively re-direct traffic from wtf to the blog here. That could have done using messy .htaccess rules or using the handy dandy Redirection plugin. It took a bit to figure out, but once I got it set up it turned wtf into a perfect archive. You can still read all of the posts there (for now) but if you try to view a single post or read/leave a comment, you will be redirected here. Very cool stuff.

If you poke around a bit you will see new information at the bottom of the About page. Key there is a list of the plugins that I am currently using here, in case you ever wondered and wanted to use them for your site.

I can’t believe that this started back in August. First thinking, then tinkering, then getting a new logo (thanks to Fireball Tim!), then finally starting to work on the look. If I would have been able to work on this and only this, I’m sure I could have gotten it done in about a week, maybe 2. I do think that having it take a little bit longer than I hoped helped me to really sort out details and make sure everything worked correctly right from the get go for the most part.

There is still a bit more tweaking to be done and I want to add a few more header graphics (and fix a couple that are just a little off), add another page or two of stuff (you’ll have to wait) and make sure everything from w(t)f made the transition. Of course, if you notice anything weird or missing, it would be awesome if you could let me know about it.

Normal service shall resume shortly.

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