The Sunday Post 56

Currently, there are 5 phones under my roof. While I can make any of them ring, do you think the ringee will actually answer to phone back?

My Current Frustration

Sure, I’m always frustrated, you already know that. If it’s not someone bragging to me about the latest expensive Apple gadget (that I want) they just purchased or too many people talking about that damned Apple telephone product (heretofore known as atp), it’s going to be something else.

I am here to tell you that am I currently in the possession of the teh Lads brand new LG ENv2 cell phone. It cost me $140 with tax and shipping. His Razor finally died and I *need* him to have a phone that works, so I really couldn’t get out of it.

The reason why it’s in my possession and not his is because he has been lax in answering it when I call. As I told him, the number 1 reason why he has a phone is (and, in this order).

  1. I can make it ring
  2. He can answer it, especially when I make it ring

2 days in a row in neglicted my calls. The worse case was Friday when I sent his phone over a dozen text messages, called no less than 6 times and left 2 voice mail messages. If I wasn’t going on the road this week, he wouldn’t have his phone all week.

Currently, there are 5 working cellphones in my house. The reason why isn’t important, but some of you know why. And god damn if I can’t get any of them to return my calls. For example.

I was at the store the other night and needed to check on something before I bought it (or not), so I called teh Lad for inventory check. He did not answer. So I tried again. Again, no luck. So I text him. Again, nothing. So I text 2 of the other phones in the house. Nothing. Yet again, this time to *every* phone in the house. Not a thing for 5 minutes until the youngest phone owner text’d me back.

This is normal behavior for the other phone owners in my house. Effective immediately, they have all been notified of their removal from my “in case of emergency” list.

The bad part of this is I’m getting ready to drive out to the desert again. In a car with expired tags and 198K miles. I’m afraid to break down or get towed. Made even worse that if there is a problem, there isn’t anyone I can call.


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