The Sunday Post 53

Experiement updates.

If you post they will come

Record numbers here at w(t)f for the month of August according to the logs. Uniques were up about 200 to last month, over 700 to the first few months of the year. Want to know how I did it?

I posted.

Granted I have had the time over this past summer to get up a new post almost every day. This, plus some creative tagging I think is how I did it. Further checking of the logs show that most of you get here either by your own accord (possibly bookmarked), via your RSS reader or from a link of *mine* some where on the interwebs (viddler, flickr, twitter, dbmini, WRR or THCS). Sure, some of you came from links on the very few blogs where I’m linked, but not all of you.

There were quite a few of you that were new in August too. Hi.

Another I got going just recently is getting another family member to use an internet service. This time, I got my sis to start a blog. I know I know, crazy talk to be sure, but she wants to do one for her site, so I am making her practice. So far, so good. So, that makes mom with the flickr and sis with this blog. What have you done? You remember the New Years Challenge, right? The end of the year is gettin’ close and so far I think I’m winning. All y’all better get some giddyup goin’ if you expect to catch up!

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