The Sunday Post 52

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

The Family found my blog

A few weeks ago I sent my aunt a link to my first film transfer video. You know, she’s in it and I thought she would get a kick out seeing that, a bit of sneak peak of things to come if you will. Well, she started clicking other things appearantly. Then I got a phone call saying how this is sooo funny or that was funny or interesting. I’m trying to figure out what she was talking about, since nothing on Viddler is _that_ funny. Then I got the lightbulb and the bell.

Oh shit, she found w(t)f.

As she found it, so did a couple of my cousins. I think Mom might have even stopped by.

Oh shit, Mom is here too?

Well, now that you are here, welcome to w(t)f. Everyone, meet Mom, Jeannie and Big L. Mom, Jeanie and Big L, meet everyone. Don’t worry, everyone here is pretty nice.

Otherwise, the video transfer project has moved into Phase 2: sort and organize. After transferring close to 3k feet of film, I am ready to move on. I’m really starting to realize how underpowered the MacBook is too. Even in VisualHub it took hours to convert the files from the camera into DV format ready for editing. I won’t tell you the one time I tried to import from the camera into iMovie it was going to take 90 minutes for 15 minutes worth of video however. Still, better than attempting it on either of my Grandfathers machines, since they are both Pentium 4’s with 512K of RAM. Sure, they would work, but I have a deadline of Christmas I’m trying to hit.

It is also at this stage of the project that I’m having to explain certain things. Like the inability to print video. I’ve had to tell him to mark the time code in a file if he wants a snap so I can do it on the Mac. They look better, it’s easier and I have tools to spruce them up a little bit more.

Also, the concept of storage space, file size and time required to do this is completly lost on both of my grandparents. Converted, we have close to 100GB of data (in DV format) and it has to live on an external USB drive since neither I nor my Grandfather have that kind of free space. Of course, that also adds to the processing time (and I’m sure the edits will be wonderfully slow as well) and the time it takes to copy from one device to another.

The only only issue I’m going to be running into in the very near future is the fact that all of the editing needs to happen on the Mac. Grand dad again doesn’t understand that his computer doesn’t have the giddyup to handle to video edit chores (see above). He is also less than pleased with the files living on an external drive. Oh well, nothing I can do about that.

I am going to try to plug my MacBook into his 30″ LCD display. Does anyone know if the video output can drive that big of a display before I go and spend the $40 on a VGA Adapter? Or should I really look into getting a newer machine sooner than later?

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  1. The best the MacBook can handle is 1920 by 1200, which comes out to a 24″ monitor. But as someone who has a 24″ monitor in front of me, being driven by my iMac, I gotta tell you, it’s still pretty sweet.

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