The Sunday Post 49

My boycott of the intarwebs is almost over.

Stuff I’ve been working on

I survived MTTS 2008. _Barely_, but I survivied none the less. Good times were had, even if it took me until Wednesday to fully recuperate.

And that put me behind.

Was late doing THCS. Worse was that it turned out like crap, so we couldn’t even use it. That added more behind-ness that I didn’t need.

2 fairly large projects on the go otherwise. 1 is done and should go live tonight. The other is close and might be ready to go live tonight, but probably tomorrow. 1 is WordPress, 1 was WordPress, but it was overkill for the site, so I redid it using php includes instead. Details on both of these will follow later in the week.

Then, I got a call on Thursday from a guy I helped back in June (he is the only one that responded to my Craigslist ad). Turns out, his company was having problems with their online store. Mainly, it was never completed and they needed it to work on Friday. I told him what he needed to do and left it at that.

Well, he did it and contacted me on Friday. 1 emergency storefront opening coming right up! Took me a bit to figure out the system, but I was able to get them up and running (even taking payment) the same day. Yes, I am that good.

So, I’ve been pretty busy this week. Hence the boycott. I really needed to knuckle down and get these done.

Everything should be slowly getting back to a psuedo-state of normalness in the next few days. Need to get started on my next project this week as well, watch for details on that much later in the week.

On the job front, nothing. I sent over 20 copies of my resume this past week. Not even a nibble. I’m going to take some, um, creative license, with my resume this week, see if it helps any.

I have some calls to make tomorrow to keep things on while I wait for money to come in. If I completely disappear from the internets for a few days, you’ll know why.

Ok, back to coding and getting caught up.

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