The Sunday Post #4

Happy Easter, for those of you so inclined.

Being from a family that is less than religious, this is a day that was always spent at the Grandparents house, decorating hard boiled eggs and eating chocolate.

My Grandmother used to totally hook the kids up. They had a good sized piece of property with tons of landscaping features that were perfect for hiding eggs. And, if the weather was nice, there might be a few trinkets to find at the bottom of the pool.

Her favorite trick was to use the big plastic eggs that panty hose used to come in and stash cash or gift certificates in them. There was always the right number hidden and sometime they were child specific. I never picked up on that when I was younger, but it was a little odd when Mom or Grandma would direct kids to a certain part of the yard with some good hints.

The day would then end with a fantastic meal and the obligatory hour-of-picture-taking that would happen. While not as bad as Christmas, it was close.

Weather permitting, as I already mentioned, today could also mark the opening of pool season. Of course, we always had to wait 1/2 hour after eating lest we explode or barf in the pool or something. Man, those old wives tales were awesome!

The point is, even though my Easter was never, ever spent at church, it always was spent with family. We still do this, although on a smaller scale, today.

So, if you are wondering where I am, I’m probably manning the grill at my sister’s house. I only do that since she will be boiling eggs and I can’t even be in the house while that is going on. Honestly, how do you people eat those nasty things? Ick.

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. Best idea I had this month: I got the cook in on this with me. We hard boiled some eggs and peeled the shells off, then he dipped them in some chocolate and let them set. He went all out with the decorating too, put some nuts on some, drizzled some white chocolate on others, half wrapped them in gold foil. Then we put them in a nice dish and left them out for unsuspecting co-workers to eat.

    It was awesome.

  2. Happy Easter as well…Opening of pool season? You serious?! It was 48 degrees (the high) here yesterday.

    As for my Easter memories I usually just ate half my weight in peeps.

  3. ack! You did not just say peeps, did you? man, those things are indestructible! That’s stuff that should not go into the human body.

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