The Sunday Post #111: Arizona

I like Arizona. When I tell people I live here, the first thing that is always said is something about the heat. My normal response to them (especially if they are east coast or midwest) is “At least I don’t have to shovel it”. Usually garners a giggle or two and the topic is dropped.

The part that needs to be told is about the months that aren’t contained within Summer. Those months, especially late February through April and even a little into May, are brilliant. Brilliant because of weather (highs in the 70s-80s, cool nights) and because of everything there is to do in the greater Phoenix area.

I don’t care what kind of nerd you are, there is a festival or outdoor event for you. Me, it’s cars and craft beers. And Arizona does not disappoint in either category, especially the craft beer part.

Besides the number of fantastic beer bars (including a Whole Food across the street), it seems like there is a beer event happening every weekend. And, if it’s not exactly beer related, beer is tied in as a theme of the event. Good beer, beer you have never tasted, beer you don’t want to forget.

Arizona is all about the beer.

And not the big, mass produced beers. Not the beers your server mentions first when you are getting your rib on at Chili’s. Nope. We are talking craft beers, good beers, locally brewed or imported from another state. Breweries you have never heard of that are creating some truly fantastic brews. One of my favorite local breweries is Four Peaks. You _might_ have heard of them for their Kilt Lifter beer. It’s a proper brown ale with better flavor than Newcastle. They also produce an oatmeal stout that is amazing.

Last weekend they put on a beer festival. Live music, food trucks, $5 beers. The weather was awesome, the beer was good, the band was great and I had some pretty awesome company. One of the better ‘Arizona Days’ that I have experienced so far. There is something about drinking when the sun is up with your friends that is fantastic.

So yea. Arizona. Sure it gets hot, but we have better beer than you do and you don’t have to shovel the heat.

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