The Sunday Post #110: What’s Next

Ok gang. Break time is over. Time we get back to kickin’ ass. Ready?

What’s Next

I’m working on something right now that will be the theme for the year here at; **After Social Media**. Community, customer service and retention. Less about hashtags, likes and followers, more about conversions, what to do when they convert and how to keep them around.

More and more I see social media as only a small piece of the puzzle. Sure it’s great to have a large follower count or to have that group like, favorite, love, heart, enjoy, +1, the stuff that you share. But what does that do for your business? All of those things don’t have any monetary value, do not drive traffic to your website (directly) or shop, don’t give you the chance to directly interact with your potential customers. Those are only good for your brand in keeping people interested and engaged. If that’s all you are interested, then rock on! You already win.

But what about people that don’t use Social Media? What about people that visit your site or shop and have not discovered your social media presence and all that is awesome about it? At what point do we decided that there is more than collecting followers?

That. That is what’s next. It is going to take some doing, some brain mapping and many words until it’s all together in a state that makes sense. Should be a fun ride. I hope you stick around.

By Don

Lead bottle washer at, host at and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.

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