The Sunday Post #102: You Should Have Called

One thing that I have talked about here, at length, is fixing things. Fixing things after someone else had already did something, but they did it the wrong way. This not only wastes time, but money as well since you normally have to pay for the corrections on whatever was done incorrectly.

You should have called

Since you aren’t going to check with me first before starting a project, here is a handy check list of items that you might find useful.

  1. Is there a reason for wanting to do what you are trying to do other than ‘because I want to’?
  2. Is this something that you, or someone you employ, could manage easily after it is finished?
  3. Is this something that you heard about on TV or from a collegue at Happy Hour?
  4. Is this something that you or any of your employees have any experience with? Did you check?
  5. Is this something that you think will improve your business in some way? Or your brand? Or your personal well being?

If you answered yes or no to any of the above questions, congratulations. Here is the answer key.

  1. The answer should be NO. If you answered yes to this, then it’s something that you really don’t need
  2. If you answered NO, the follow up would be is this something you don’t mind paying for month after month?
  3. If the answer to 3 is YES, stop here. You need help immediately. Contact me for details.
  4. Are you sure you checked? With All of your employees? Really?
  5. The answer for this had better be YES. If the answer was no, you need help immediately. Contact me for details

Everything that you do requires some kind of plan. Some kind of thought process. Some kind of thinking ahead to how this is going to affect everything that you do tomorrow, next week, next month and, possibly, next year. Just jumping into a project because you heard about something on Good Morning America is a very bad way of doing something.

Always start by checking with your network. Post a question to Twitter or Facebook. Reach out to your employees and vendors. Check with your kids. There is more value there than you know, and more knowledge too.

More and more I’m seeing things happen that would have been ok back in 2007. That was 4 years ago. Time to move fully into the 21st century gang and do things they way should be done, the way should work, and, most importantly, the way they should work for you.

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