The Sunday Post #102: iPhone 4 vs. iPad 2

No image. No Twitter post. Just a few thoughts about the Verizon Wireless iPhone, the iPad 2 and which one I’m more likely to get.

iPhone 4 vs. iPad 2

Hooray! The moment that 90 million people were waiting for finally happened last month, and that is Verizon Wireless getting the iPhone! And I want one. I almost pre-ordered one. Then I almost went to the VZW to buy one. But I didn’t for budgetary reasons. You see, I picked up the Droid Incredible back in August and I’m stuck without any upgrade pricing until June or July 2012. While I’m sure it’s worth it, dropping $600 on an iPhone right now just isn’t in the cards.

Then last week Apple introduced the iPad 2. Essentially an iPhone 4 with a 10″ screen. 2 cameras? Check. IOS 4.3? Check. Music playback and video editing on the device? Check. Can be purchased without a carrier contract? **Check!**

So, here’s the thing. While I could rush out and drop $600+ on an iPhone (when funds permit), why don’t I save a bit of coin and pick up an iPad 2? The price is $100 less (on a 16gb WiFi model) than the base iPhone. For what I need an iPhone 4 for, the iPad 2 will do and then some. Video editing, Garage Band, Keynote and Pages. Add a bluetooth keyboard and I wouldn’t even have to carry a laptop for most of the stuff that I do when I’m on the road. Then, in 2012 when I’m due, I can pick up whatever iPhone is being offered.

If I need connectivity while on the road and I’m not within reach of a WiFi access point, I can turn on the hotspot on the Dinc and be good to go. To me, this sounds like a pretty good deal.

I don’t mind carrying multiple devices. I already carry a phone with me everywhere, and almost always have a laptop for when I need to have a keyboard. The only thing I can see being a problem with only carrying an iPad would be storage. When I’m out at a MINI Cooper event for example, I’ve been known to generate as much as 20GB of content over the course of a few days. Sure I can edit that content on the iPad now, but with only 16gb available, I would need an alternate solution. Essentially, some kind of backup. Maybe I get a 50GB dropbox? Multiple 8GB SD Cards?

Regardless, this is what I’m looking to do. If anyone of you have had any success with mobile storage on the iPad or have some tips to lay down, comments are open and I would be interested in hearing what you have done.

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  1. I agree – the iPhone4 while a good device is not worth paying full price for. There’s no reason to dump the Droid Incredible. Wait until your upgrade eligible before you consider an iPhone.

    As for the iPad – my vote is that you go for the 32GB over the 16Gb model – with the amount of on the go content production that you do the extra storage space is worth it…

  2. Thanks for stopping by Michael!

    I didn’t even think of going for the 32gb, but that makes total sense. And it’s only $100 more than then 16gb, which I think is a pretty good deal. Definitely something I will be considering. Would be a whole lot easier than carry a stack of SD cards everywhere I go!

  3. Don, i think the extra for the 32 is the way to go for your situation. You will not be disappointed. I took mt iPhone to PR. Took 350 HD videos and still had room on my 16 gb iPhone 4. So maybe the 16 is enough.

    Good luck!

  4. I too will be in line on Friday a few hours before 5 to purchase my iPad 2. I’m thinking of going the 32gb WiFi route since my company pays for a Verizon MiFi and I have a Jailbroken iPhone 4 on AT&T. Both of which I can use for Internet access. I carry a laptop each day to work so I can RDP into my work desktop machine to do basic tasks to and from work on the train. I have 32gb on my iPhone and after pairing down to only the apps I use daily I use about 16gb, 20gb if I have TV shows on there too. I think 32gb is the least amount you should go. angry birds, iMovie and GarageBand along with only1 newepisode of video only podcasts and you should be fine.

    The only thing that kinda worries me a bit is that apple may come out with another version in the fall which would kinda piss me off to some extent.

    -Jason (fat fingered on the iPhone while on a bumpy train ride to work)

  5. @Tuls – Noted! Thanks!

    @Jason – There is always the fear of what comes next when talking tech. Here’s the thing; If we continue to wait for the ‘next’ one, at what point do we actually commit and get it?

    As with almost anything with a plug, I always make sure there isn’t a newer/better replacement immediately around the corner. After I purchase, I stop looking/pricing until I’m ready to replace. This goes for computers, cell phones and TVs.

    If we always wait for what’s next, we’d never get what we wanted.

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