The Road to 7K

I’m making the rounds through a few of the sites tonight, going back and looking through archives and clearing out comments like I like to do. For no reason in particular, I wondered what my first post at MotoringFile was. Turns out, it was Woofcast 56 or some such. Then, I started wondering, how many posts I put up at MotoringFile. So I counted. And was amazed. So, I checked the other sites that I post at.

Holy crap.

Going back to right about 2002, I have posted:

That’s a grand total of 6,831 posts that contain words I typed. That doesn’t count the **hundreds of hours** of audio you can hear my sultry voice on or more than 10 hours of video I have produced. It also doesn’t count the 3,800+ photos that I have uploaded to Flickr either. Or the 7k+ toots on the ol’ Twitter.

Holy carp!

While I’m sure there is some kind of algorithm I could use to get a word break-down, it’s late and I’m tired. I was just amazed on the amount of crap I’ve put on the web. And wanted to share.

This makes 6,832. Next stop, 7,000. I should be able to hit that before the end of the year, right?

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