The Red Shirt is Back!

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For those of you that might have missed this post from back in ’05.

>I have about 3 red shirts actually. Everyone gets concerned or excited when I wear them because strange things usually happen. I become super creative. My thought processes become a bit more random, allowing me to come up with ideas nobody else even thought about. I get a little hyper.

>It has actually been requested that on certain days for a certain meeting or function that I wear the red shirt. Or something comes up that “you’re gonna need the red shirt for that one db” gets thrown around.

>I’m all about the red shirt.

Now usually, the red shirt is saved for that poor, unfortunate soul on Star Trek that dies a horrific and painful death caused by an alien laser death beam or something similiar. That’s not my case.

Used to be, the red shirt gave me power. It made me better than I was. Better. Stronger. Faster. And I think the power is back. Wearing the new red shirt today and I’m feeling a bit of a buzz.

I know it’s crazy. You can be skeptical. I know what I know.

And I know the red shirt is back.

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  1. Love this post.. I used to always wear a black shirt when I had to fire someone.. gave me power… muhahaaahaaa!

    nice to chat with you at Cars and Coffee

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