The Problem with BitTorrent

We discussed this back in ’06 and I am here to say that BitTorrent is still not useful. Back then I said,

>For bittorrent to be useful, there has to more than a few users with fast connections. If you try to download something that is only shared by a few users, the download will take forever. Same goes if any of the users sharing are doing so over a dial up connection.

As you can see from the graphic above, I’ve almost got the complete download. .01GB is all that’s left and it’s gone caput. It’s been running like this for almost 24 hours and nobody out there has that last bit I need to complete the download.

We can only hope for the day when bandwidth and storage is so cheap that this kind of thing won’t even be necessary. I’m not saying BitTorrent is bad, but if it’s something that might be a little older or not very popular, it’s just not the way to go.

By Don

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    1. Thanks Paul. It’s a jscript plugin (link in the lower right corner of the screen) for now until I can play with @font-face (which I hope to be doing soon).

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