The Podcast S01E02: I Like Simple

People tell me that I don’t like change. And, much like many people, I don’t. My biggest issue is not knowing how new things work. Or how they are supposed to work. Or if they have any rules. It’s this kind of thing that keeps me hating change. Keeps me from going to new places or trying new things.

I’m a fan of simple.

I’m a cyclist. Everyone on the internet and real life keeps telling me that I need to have a special pedal/shoe combination that is called clipless. While it is called that, it actually means being clipped into the pedals like you are attached to the bike. Today’s bicycle lesson is now completed.

There is a problem with this setup and I have many questions that I can’t seem to find the answers to. What kind of shoes do I need? What kind of pedals go with those shoes? What kinds of clips go with the shoes and the pedals? What position do the clips need to be in? I say I don’t ride clipless because I don’t want to have a crash, which I don’t. But the real reason why I don’t is because I can’t figure it out, and I can’t find a point of reference to help.

Like I mentioned, I’m a big fan of simple. Easy. Things that work the way most people think they should work. No unwritten rules. No secret handshakes. Just stuff that works.

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