The New ‘Basically’

I’m not sure if you have noticed this one or not, but there is a new phrase to replace the word basically. I’m not certain, but I’m starting to think I might want basically back.

You know what I mean, right? People that use basically as a placeholder instead of saying nothing or ‘um’? I know you know these people. Nothing drives me crazier than someone who over uses basically.

Or, rather, nothing drove me crazier. Like I already mentioned, there is a new phrase in town and his sounds laid down by the underground. Oh, wait. I got a little sidetracked there.

The phrase? Here’s the thing.

Think on that for a minute and it will come to you. Heck, you might have started using it yourself.

Here’s the thing about here’s the thing. See? Does that make any sense? Why oh why?

I have to guess that it, much like our old friend basically, is being used as a placeholder. And, here’s the thing, it’s getting fairly annoying.

Why not just not say anything? Leave a gap in your speech. Some verbal whitespace if you will. Saying here’s the thing all the time is just a fancy way to say um. Take the break, it’s ok. Nobody will mind if you stop talking long enough to catch your breath (and your thoughts) before you continue. Then, you won’t have to say here’s the thing before you start.

So, if you are a sayer of here’s the thing, please stop.

Thank you.

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  1. I searched Google Images using the following:
    “here’s the thing” AND basically

    Sorry for the mistake.

  2. Too funny! And, I’ll have to check out an episode of Monk. That would explain quite a lot!

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