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A few things that have been bouncing around in my head so far this month. You can call this a preview to possible upcoming posts.

  • I’ve made 3 episodes of the w(t)f podcast. And then deleted them.
  • I have thoughts about the MacBook Air. Check out the show to hear it.
  • Because Verizon doesn’t know how to take my money, I’ve gone without TV for the last 2 weeks. Other than not having Speed Channel, I don’t think we’ve really missed it.
  • If you watch my feed, you probably have noticed 3 houses for rent in my area. I look at one Friday. I’m actually a little excited.
  • I need to carry my camera more often. I think I might just start leaving it in the MINI
  • Speaking of, it’s really making me nervous depending on a car with 180K miles. I need a serious influx of cash!
  • I would have a very difficult time, based on name alone, taking President Huckabee serious. That’s tragic
  • $800 won’t help. Why can’t people look more long term?
  • Teh lad aced all but 1 final (math, got a B). I really hope his report card doesn’t suck.
  • The rents are coming back this weekend. I really need to move, sooner than later. I’m seriously in their way and it’s causing me guilt.
  • That’s about it for now. More to follow.

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