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So, I had the chance to fondle an iPad this past weekend for a few minutes at the local Apple store. Sure, it was cool. Sure, it was pretty neat. Sure, it struck me as an iPod touch with a microphone and larger screen.

I wasn’t that impressed.

First up, I was amazed at how _heavy_ it was. I now understand when people say they can only read about a chapter before having to set it down. I also found the keyboard awkward to use with more than my two index fingers. The rest, iPod touch. With iWork.

Revolutionary? I don’t think so. Game changing? Not for me. Cool? Yes. Buy it? No.

There currently is not a handy slot for the device to fit into my everyday life. Hell, I don’t think I have a place for this as a weekly use device either. It’s not a laptop, so you can’t _really_ use it to store anything. You can’t get anything on to it unless it goes through iTunes. And I don’t use iTunes for my media except for playback. I don’t buy music, don’t buy or rent movies either. Sure, Handbrake does the conversions on video files, but do I really want to go back and redo 10 seasons of Top Gear or 7 seasons of The West Wing to ensure they play on the device? Not really. And don’t even get me started on having to pay for Hulu for this.

Then there is the keyboard. I would **have** to carry an external keyboard with me all the time with this device. The onscreen board felt like it would be good for about 3, maybe 4 sentances before I would be extremely over it.

All in all good things, since I don’t have 5 bills to drop on a piece of tech right now that wouldn’t immediately improve my productivity, connectivity or somethingsomethingity. Sure it’s cool, but it’s not cool enough for me. At least it’s not right now.

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  1. That’s similar to my take on it too. I’d use the hell out of one if I had it, but right now there just isn’t a real “hole” in my digital life that’s itching for an iPad to fill it. I’ve got a ton of iTunes content and already have Handbrake ripping to iPhone-friendly formats, but even still, I don’t really travel enough to justify the expense. It’d be something that I’d use like crazy on the couch and in bed and even take with me places, but none of that need is strong enough to justify the expense. I was really tempted a few weeks ago, but instead I bought a motorcycle for what a tricked iPad would have cost me. That purchase is expanding my horizons in a way the iPad never could.

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