The iPad keyboard

The following was typed on an iPad 2 at my local Apple store

Still trying to find a mobile computing solution. I have narrowed it down to apple products at least. Currently looking at either the Mac book air or the IPad. My biggest problem so far with the iPad is the onscreen keyboard. Since the air has a verY nice keyboard already, I know it wouldn’t be a problem.

I’m try ping this at the apple store on a white ipad2. And I’m not sure about the keyboard yet. So far I have accidentally hit the screen with a stray finger taking me away from the post screen 4 times.

I’m sure I could would get used to it, but a Bluetooth keyboard would help. Already I don’t like having to find parens or brackets on the on screen board.

That bit took me about 10 minutes to type. The hardest part was typing the HTML tags. Hunting for the < and > was unpleasant and for my normal use, a deal breaker. Sure I could use a bluetooth keyboard, but the whole point is to be mobile. With the iPad, at least to get any serious work done, I would have to carry 2 pieces of gear with me.

There is also the current state of development apps on the iPad. I’ve tried a couple of them and I was less than blown away. They seem to work ok, but not in the way that I work. That just about rules out the iPad for my portable computing device.

Looks like it’s time to keep an eye on the refurb shop again. Bet I can find a 13″ Macbook Pro for a smoking price there!

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  1. Good to know… I am thinking about something like an iPad or the like. I will be anxious to know what you settle on.

  2. Hey db – last week I purchased a refurbished MBA 13/2.13G/4GB/256GB from the online Apple store and saved enough to pay for CA sales tax. Yeah, it doesn’t come in a fancy retail box, but the machine appears flawlessly new. The speed from the SSD more than makes up for the lack of processor oomph compared to the Core i7 quad processor/HDD MBP I was borrowing. After trying another friend’s iPad with Apple’s Pages/Keynote apps for a few hours, I was really happy that I stayed with my comfortable OS X workflow and apps. Battery life is good, it’s thin and light, and it’s rather painless to use 3G connectivity when needed via Bluetooth/iPhone/AT&T personal hotspot (at least when I have decent 3G signal.) Anyway, the MBA 13 is highly recommended by me. Regards, Jim

  3. Thanks for stopping by Jim,

    I have no problem with the refurb shop. In fact, my first Mac that I bought in ’07 came from there and it’s still working great!

    Although, for money, I think the MBP might be the way to go, I wouldn’t mind a 13″ Air either if the price is right.

  4. I believe that the USB adapter in the iPad camera kit will allow you to use most USB keyboards with the iPad…

    I should test that…

    1. The bluetooth keyboard actually works very well, at least on the 1st gen iPad I tested on. Besides the keyboard there is the storage issue and I really need real multi-tasking and, this is the big one, real image editing.

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