The Hollywood Car Show #21

mailAfter rolling through a short rant about Golf, db and Fireball get right into it! Some words from Darth Vader start us off, as usual.

Then into the movies. Casino Royale’s Martin Campbell to direct the Green Lantern!, Brett Ratner doing Beverly Hills Cop Reboot, Samuel Bayer directing Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot but we don’t know why. Plus a whole bunch more!

Stuff on the web you **need** to check out. Start off at Jalopnik for the Bumble Bee Build then go check out what have to be bootleg movie sketches from Transformers. Check them out before they are gone! Finally, consider yourself warned. SkyNet Research is online. Finally! The Fireball Tim eBook Store is online! You can check that out at

We finish with Tim’s Oscar picks, a new Top 10 list AND a new contest!

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THCS 21: [audio:]

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