The Hollywood Car Show

The Hollywood Car Show #20

poster-gijoe1Wow! Lots of show for you guys and gals today, no foolin’! Starting off with Tim reading to us from his new Twitter friend, Darth Vader. Awesome!

In movies, we’ve got Robert Rodriguez doing Predator Reboot, Ghost Rider 2 Greenlit, Dan Mazeau writing a The Flash script, GI Joe and a bunch more!

Great interview for you too. We talked to Mike Filonczuk from Hollywood Cars and what he is up to. You should go meet him and Fireball Tim at the upcoming Hollywood Show! There is going to be cool cars and lots of celebs February 14th & 15th at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel & Convention Center. Follow that link for all the info and be sure to listen to the show to get a discount on tickets!

Finish off with more of Tim’s Oscar picks and a new Top 10; Battle of the Hollywood Cars! I think it was a draw.

More cool photos and the show after the jump. LET’S GO!

[Full photo gallery can be found in the show notes at thcs]

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THCS 20: [audio:]

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