The Hollywood Car Show #19

picture-1-1Before we begin, I must apologize for the audio quality. I’ve had an equipment meltdown recently. I hope to have it corrected next week. I don’t think you will notice too much since Tim did most of the talking anyway!

Movies this week. Emily Blunt as Black Widow in Iron Man 2 (photo below). McG wants Will Smith for 20,000 Leagues! Aweseome. Plus, will Megan Fox be the next Lara Croft? Will the Green Hornet get the axe? Listen in to find out more!

Have you checked out yet? It’s the YouTube for automotive enthusiasts and Tim is going to be HUGE there very very soon. Stayed tuned for the launch date!

Plus updates on movies we’ve seen, what cool stuff is happening at CVS and Tim picks the Oscar winners. We will be doing this until the Oscars! Watch for the complete breakdown very soon.

Also, we should have an interview next week. Listen in to find out with who.

Ok, time for photos and the show. Click the jump for all the juicy goodness!

Don’t forget the contest! Tell us what you think would be the best combination of 2 movies and you could win a Craftsman Orbiter Buffer! Just leave a note below.

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THCS 19: [audio:]

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