The First Day of School

Wednesday the lad starts on his 2nd to last year of High School. Yes, that is correct, he is a Junior.

I’m having a feeling that this year might actually be his year, academically speaking of course. He has been a little more outgoing, actually leaving the house to hang out with friends. He has gone to a few parties. No foolin’. He has a crush on a girl.

And one other thing that I am most proud of him for.

Ever since he was old enough to know better, he has been a helper. Not so much with the help around the house, but help to others, especially those younger or less experienced than he is. With his cousins he would help out with reading. Or make sure that nobody was left behind or not included in a certain activity. He’s a helper.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when he told me he volunteered for something at his school that I am not remembering the name of. It’s a program where Juniors help the freshmen. During orientation, during signup. During the first _2 weeks_ of school.

He started last week. Never have I seen anyone so excited to get up at 5:30 in the morning to be at school by 7. Why so early? He, being part of the team, had to get everything ready for the freshmen by 7:45.

It started with 2 days of training, 6 hours each. What they needed to do, what they needed to cover, how to act. All of that. After that it was 2 days of orientation where he and a partner had a group of 15 freshmen for _2 hours_, during which they showed them around the school and spent a good chunk in a classroom _unsupervised_ reviewing school rules and making sure everyone in the group knew _someone_ on the first day of school.

I think it’s pretty cool.

On Wednesday, when he is riding off wearing his special shirt that lets everyone know he is there to help, I will be especially proud. Because, out of nowhere, he is taking from me, much like I took from my Dad, one of my better traits.

Yea, sometimes it’s cool to be Dad.

By Don

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  1. Well thanks DB, stories like that make me think I might actually survive the next 18+ years, lol. Our daughter should be born on or about 10 Dec and I AM FREAKING OUT!!!! To say the least 😉

  2. I think I’d be better equipped if our first kid were a boy. I just can’t help but picture this huge flashing billboard behind me just counting down the days until puberty hits and the world ends, lol.
    I think you’ve linked to or mentioned Snarkville before because I’ve seen it, just not too much (perusing it now though).

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