The Blackberry Storm

You saw that title and got all excited, didn’t you. Sorry to disppoint, but I don’t have mine yet. But here is the skinny best I can tell from reading the interwebs and talking to customer service.

According to BGR, there was a serious issue with the version of the software that originally was loaded on the phone. Bad QA let them pass until sometime had, what I am sure was, an “oh sh*t” moment when they realized there was a serious security issue. So quick quick quick like a bunny they start taking phones back a version.

This left stores with limited or no inventory. The best they could do was place orders and apologize profusely.

Then I’m reading over at engadetmobile this.

>Right now Verizon is indicating that orders placed before noon on November 21 should ship on the 25th, those received after noon will ship on December 5, and anything received on November 22 or later will not ship before December 15.

And, since my order was placed _after_ noon on the 21st (I checked this with CS) my phone will not be shipping until the 5th at the latest. Also according the CS, they are treating orders like a proper queue, first in, first out.

That means I could get my phone anytime between now and the next 2 weeks. Crap.

Ordinarily this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I did get $100 of the price of the phone for my troubles which was very cool. The only issue I have now is keeping my LG eNv alive that long. It has developed this terrible habit of switching off about every 10 minutes or if I put it in my pocket upside down. Strange I know, but that’s what it is doing.

I don’t even have an old Razr to roll back too since I’ve already handed it down to someone else.

C’mon Verizon!

On a completely unrelated sidenote, please ignore the extra podcasts posts you might have seen in the feed. I’m not terribly happy with how that plugin is working so I will disabling it and trying something else.

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