That’s mah boy!

In case you missed it on Facebook, my tumblr or my YouTube channel, here is teh lad **smokin’** in the 100m breast stroke at his first swim meet.


Found out today, that time is **only** 15 seconds off of what the guys are on the Varsity squad are swimming. Not bad for a kid who has only seen about 2 weeks of pool time!

And, make it worthwhile. Click the HD button. Exactly why I bought the Canon HF100 right there friends.

By Don

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  1. So I went back & logged into facebook, just because I should have been logged in the first time around.

    Bonus: My picture got moved back to the top of the stack.

  2. Reminds me of me when I first started to swim. Could not even finish two laps on the pool. Did four weeks of training and next race finished first in my remedial 100 yd freestyle sprint. Was fantastic! The good old fit days lol. Now i got to rely on things like this machine here at to keep me fit because I am so busy with work 🙁 I need high school again!

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