That’s it…I’m moving!

Had to drive out to meet the ‘rents on Saturday. Seems the lad has a penchat for loosing small electronic gadgets I shell my hard earned cash out for. This time was his cell phone. Yes, of course he has a cell phone. Wouldn’t you if you were the son of a single father? hmmmmm?

Ok, now you got me off track! Where was I? Oh yea…met Mom & Dad…

Anyway, just a quick meet. Grab to goods and get out of dodge ya see? We almost could have done it without a stop, just a well placed throw.


The meet was fine. No problem there. The problem was getting to the meeting location. I picked a spot about 23 miles from the house, and on their way to their destination. This spot is normally about a half hours drive, give or take a few minutes. No, that’s normal since the first 12 miles is on 45MPH roads. so, 30 minutes is making ok time. But not today.

today, that drive took me 45 minutes. Sure, not that big of a deal right? Well, remember, it was a round trip. Getting home took 50 minutes. Yes, you read that correctly, both counts. I spent almost 2 hours in the car today driving about 46 miles.

I swear to god the first chance I get me a California are going to part ways. I. Am. Not. Kidding.

You know, if I didn’t have to plan on my journies taking up most of my day in drive time, or if there was a snow balls chance in hell I would be able to afford a house (that didn’t result in a 100 mile 1 way commute to work) or afford gas or even afford rent closer to work (in OC? hahahahahahaha) then maybe I would think about staying. Really. I mean, all of my friends are here, so is my family (such that it is). But this traffic thing is just soooo out of control and all of the crack smokers listing thier run down shit holes for $350K (and getting it!!!!!) that I just can’t deal with it anymore.

The funny thing is that, as most of you know, I belong to a car club. I wonder if people wonder why I dont’ attend events anymore? It’s no fun anymore. When I could make it to a meet in an hour or so, ok, that was fine. Traffic moving and all that. But when it takes 3 hours to drive 79 miles (my house to Culver City), I just can’t afford that kind of time. Not to mention the mileage hit from driving in stop and go traffic for that long. That particular trip took 6 hours round trip and used more 3/4 tank of gas (should have used less than half).

but seriously, honest to fucking god. It shouldn’t take 45 minutes to drive 23 miles. That’s just not right.

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