For whatever reason, this season I seem to be watching more network television than I have in years past. Could it be that there are actually shows on worth watching? I might have to cry spoiler alert. If you haven’t seen this weeks Heroes or Chuck, turn away now.

When I was a kid watching television with Dad, we would get soooo pissed when an episode would flash on the screen …To be continued… Oh man we would yell, scream and basically through a hissy fit right there in front of the television until Mom would tell us to shut up. Now, there are seasons of shows that use this formula from one episode to the next.

Case in point would be Heroes. It’s really a mini series broken up into 23 pieces, but they call it a show. Last week’s episode was filler and explination and I really could have done without it. This week however has me wondering what is going to happen all over again. Parkman’s Dad? Wha wha wha? And what power does Uhura have? Does Maya have to be so whiny? How did Sylar get to Mexico? And, being able to do what you see without training or practice sounds cool, but how is it going to effect the show?

Case in not point would be Chuck. I have finally figured out what is so awesome about this show. It doesn’t try to be realistic, while trying to be overly realistic. They go so fantastically over the top that it is not only funny, but clever and the stories, so far, have been pretty good too. Bonus is it is on before Heroes, so I don’t even have to leave the couch.

And, finally, the third season of The Office has to be the best one yet. OMG. Did you see last week? Made with at least 100 pounds of awesome! It was so awesome it’s awesome. There are ways to get it if you missed it, catch me offline if you need some help.

Ok, Bionic Woman is later, but I’m going to miss it because I will be at Southbay MINI watching the premier of this seasons Street Tuner Challenge feature the Fireballed! guys and one trick MINI. Keep an eye on the flickr for pictures later.

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