TechPHX Follow-up

TechPHX, the **new** PodcampAZ, happened November 10th and 11th this year. As I previously mentioned, I went to not only take in a few sessions, but to also present 2 sessions.

The 2nd session I presented on was about Podcasting. All of the information about that can be found at, including a video of my talk. If you are interested in what I think about Podcasting, I highly recommend it.

The first presentation I gave was completely new to me. I decided to work a little outside of the box and spent the better part of 45 minutes leading a great discussion about Instagram. I’m really pleased with this talk and was really excited to be able to present to such an enthusiastic group. Makes things so much easier when the audience is receptive to your thoughts and ideas.

I originally feared that my session wasn’t recorded. There were a few minor snafus with the setup of the streaming, since it was the first time it was being done. But my fears were aliviated when tech wizard Miles was able to find the recording and share it. Not only that, but he also compiled a complete list of notes from that presentation! Not just mine, but for a few others that had similiar problems. Just about every TechPHX presentation is now available in some fashion on the schedule page. Definitly worth checking out.

My Instagram talk can be found here on uStream. The video player is janky and motion stops at about the 30 minute mark, but you can still hear the entire talk. Besides Instagram, we also made up a very nice list of camera apps and other things that can help with your instagram experience.

Like I mentioned, I think this is one of the best talks I’ve given. If you are interested in continuing the discussion, comments are open or you can contact me to setup a meeting.

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