Taking it back to ’05 ’03


I’ve all but completely broken up with Facebook at this point. I have broken it so badly that I only see posts from 3 or 4 people, maybe. And, since I only post photos, not even direcly, I guess I shouldn’t expect much, and I don’t. Everything has been ok hanging out at Twitter and Instagram for me anyway.

Until this week when Twitter went under new ownership. A big piece of that change of ownership was stopping practically all content moderation. Or, so it appears. That’s ok since my twitter has been nothing but angry politics, angry bicyclists and just angry people in general. I honestly don’t have the time to participant in that any longer. I keep catching myself doom scrolling and driving my anxiety higher and higher.

So, time to stop. Besides, with the midterm election next week, Twitter is going to turn into nothing more than ads for Democrats, Republicans and how each one is worse than the other because (insert this week’s reason here).

Time for me to get back to this. I have NetNewsWire on my iPhone (you should too) and I’m going to load it up with sites I like and other content that can be subscribed to via RSS.

Time to stop giving my attention to the socials. Time to put my attention back here where it might actually benefit me. I mean, hell, back in the day, I used to post almost every damned day. Not sure why I stopped, but it’s time I figure that out and get back to it.

Comments are open. Drop those RSS links below!

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