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The Sunday Post 50

Wow, the big five-o! Makes me want to surf or book somebody. Updates, Upgrades and Uniques I’m starting to serious wonder about my resume writing skills. No kidding, I have sent over 40 copies out in the last 3 week without so much as a nibble. Working on a re-write this week, but if anyone […]


wtf podcast #10

Hey, looky here. A wtf podcast for y’all. Driving out to PodCamp SoCal, so television stuff and, of course, stupid drivers. WRR listeners should get their Talk Shoe account now so you are ready to play along next week. enjoy. wtf #10 [audio:] Download | 4.9MB | 10:10

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The Sunday Post XVIV

Been a full week since I have posted. I was a little off this week. I started to notice a certain technical bent in my posts of late, and I’ve been trying to find something else to post about, just to break things up. Sure, I could have posted a rant too, but why be […]