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Responsive: Mobile First

We have all read that all over the place. When you are creating a website and want to make sure that it works well on mobile platforms, then you should design for that platform first. I thought it was nothing and said to myself, “self, we can do responsive **last**”. And so I did. And […]

Personal Rebranding WordPress Fixes

WordPress Theme Try-Out: Twenty Twelve

The latest default theme for Wordpress is Twenty Twelve. Being part of the 3.5 upgrade and available for download now. I thought I would give it a test drive here.


My First Child Theme

Big WordPress week here at with 2 sites getting brand new themes. One of them I created and the other I created, kinda. Plus a few other neat things that I have picked up and incorporated. But what is a child theme you ask? Let’s head over to the codex for the answer! >A […]

WordPress Fixes

WordPress + Amazon S3

Recently I’ve been tasked with management of a couple of WordPress websites that get more traffic than I’m used to dealing with. Quite a bit more in fact. So much so that they were causing the server they lived on to have memory issues, random reboots and other odd issues. Step 1 In order to […]

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Another new WordPress site

Actually, my 2nd since moving to Arizona, so go me.

That is for my new place of employment, Encore Creative. Site is powered by Wordpress using a few plugins to manage things like the contact form and testimonials.