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What I’ve done in almost 8 years

Yet another anniversary of my time on the internet has passed. And by quite a bit.

Turns out, I have now, officially, been putting words to screen (and it’s verifiable) for just a bit over 7 years! If you were to go back through the archives here, you will find my first post, at what was, happened on November 5th, 2003.


It does not take much

Read it.

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Taking a page out of my own playbook, I’ve been making a few changes ’round here. Tom Petty reference not intentional.

I have decided to go back to the “I wonder who will find me” model of personal publishing, instead of forcing it onto your screens. I’ve been pushing stuff to Twitter long enough, so you know it’s all here. Now to see if you keep coming back.

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Saved by the Auto Charge

Quite a few years ago I started this little blog. One blog, one blog only please. Ran it over at Blogger. It was a mix of silly things I found, MINI Stuff and the odd, or not so odd, rant. And, if I’m honest, it wasn’t that great. I decided to split my words up. […]

The Sunday Post

The Sunday Post #72

I keep getting ideas for a post, but then I decided against them for whatever reason. So you get this today instead. The Sunday List Post, 2nd Edition My new favorite thing is Tweetie for Mac. Supports multiple twitter accounts, is sleek, lightweight and works very well. In case you missed it, is back, […]